Poster making Competition on “My idea of India” and “Elimination of violence against women”

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Cultural committee of Uttaranchal Institute Of Technology organised a Poster making competitions which was held on Thursday, November 25, 2021 for the awareness of Elimination of violence against women day. the following themes were showcased in this competition

1.  Elimination of violence against women.

2. My Idea of India (Amalgamation of Tradition and Heritage with the Modern Scientific Technological outlook).

The objective of the competition was to provide a platform for the students to canvass their thoughts as how they observe, perceive and reflect to the challenges in today’s scenario. Around 16 students from all department of UIT have participated in the event with full zeal. The students expressed their views and thoughts that violence against women is an obstacle to a constructive, inclusive and sustainable society. Another primary objective is to address the strength, standing, achievement, and diversity of India.  This activity kept the student engaged and it was organized to explore and encourage creativity in students and offer them a platform to showcase their skills. It inspired them to think and work creatively in order to promote artistic excellence also. All selected students participated earnestly in the competition. Prof (Dr) S D Pandey Dean , UIT addressed the student and said that today’s women are at helm, she is  no less in any genre and can excel in any field. Dr. Meenakshi Memoria HoD CSE also shared her experience about the challenges that a woman faces from and before her birth, and how she can stand out if she makes her mind up to achieving something. The final judgment of the event was made by Mr. Arvind Rawat , an Assistant Professor from Electronics Engineering, on the basis of  Originality, Clarity of expression, Uniqueness, Close to the Theme.  They came up with amazing creativity. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. Following three students emerges as the winner of this event.

1st  Harshita Pandey . CSE BS-5

2nd Mahima Chauhan  .BS-2

3rd Divansh Chandan .  BS-2

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