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S.No. School Name of PI & Co (PI) Title
1 UIT Mr. Vivek John (PI), Ms. Ruby Pant (Co-PI), Dr. Shushant Singh (Co-PI) Modeling and optimization of sustainable manufacturing process in machine of 17-4 PH stainless steel
2 UIM Dr. Megha Aggarwal (PI), Mr. Manish Badoni (Co-PI), Study on the impact of COVID-19 on customer satisfaction with reference to hospitality industry in specific region of Uttarakhand
3 SoA Ms. Smritilekha Majumder (PI) Integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of Chickpea (Cicerarietinum) under Dehradun 
4 SoA Dr. Rajendra Prasad (PI), Mr. Sunil Prakash (Co-PI) Developing an Integrated weed management system for lentil crop om Dehradun
5 SoA Dr. Mohsin IKram (PI), Dr. Awaneesh Kumar (Co-PI) Bio-systematic studies on egg parasitoid, Trichogrammatide (Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea) from Dehradun, Uttarakhand
6 SoA Dr. Siddharth Shankar Bhatt (PI) Standardization of weed management practices to enhance productivity of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
7 SoA Mr. Sunil Prakash (PI),  Efficacy of Rhizobium and PSB inoculation interaction on the growth and yield attributing character in Lentil (Lens culinaris. M) under Dehradun region.
8 SoA Dr. Awaneesh Kumar (PI), Dr. Mohsin Ikram (Co-PI) Bio-efficacy study of important spices & condiments agains Sitophilus oryzae (L.) in stored wheat
9 SALS Sarvesh Rustagi To establish the relationship between human physilogy, psychology and food eating behaviour using electromyography
10 SALS Mr. Shivam Panday (PI), Dr. Ajay Singh (Co-PI), Development of catalyst for degradation of pharmaceutical wastewater
11 SALS Dr. Waseem Ahmad (PI), Dr. Ajay Singh (Co-PI) Plant mediated green synthesis of Nickel oxide nanoparticles and their potential application in waste water treatment
12 UIPS Dr. Tarun Prasahar (PI), Ms.Alka Singh Formulation and in vitro study of valsartan bilayer tablet biphasic drug release
13 SALS Dr.B.S.Rawat Green Synthesis of carbon dots nanoparticles and evaluation of photophysical properties for pH sensing
14 SALS Dr. Sudhanshu Mishra Assessing impact of human activities and lifestyle on the interlinked microbiota in environmental samples:implication in health of human and ecosystem
15 UIPS Mrs.Kiran Dobhal(PI) , Ms. Jaya Rautela(Co-PI) Synthesis of herbal metallic azithromycin nanoparticles for the treatment of Haemophilus influenzae
16 UIM Dr. Rajkumar & Samina Akhtar An Investigation and prediction of current scenerio of mental disorder and their types among young age person using machine learning model
17 SLA Shravan Kumar (PI), Dr. Pinki Chugh(Co-PI) Developing listening comprehension skills among students
18 UIT Mr. Satish Kumar Mahariya (PI), Dr. Musheer Vaqur (Co-PI), Mr. Prashant Chaudhary (Co-PI) Visitor’s guide robot
19. DRI Mr. Chetana S (PI),                  Assistant Professor

Dr. Vikas Narayan Thakur (Co-PI)

Assistant Professor

Exfoliation of MAX Phase and MoS 2 /CZTS composite synthesis by Supercritical Fluid process
20. DRI Dr Niraj Kumar (PI)

Assistant Professor,            

Dr. Vikas Narayan Thakur (Co-PI)        Assistant Professor

Synergistically Advanced Li-ion Solid State Battery Composed of MnO2 Nanowires Based Solid Electrolyte and Electrodes
21. DRI Mr. Shaik Vaseem Akram (PI)

Assistant Professor

3-D Printer for rapid prototype development
22. DRI Dr. Naveen Chandra Joshi (PI), Assistant Professor An eco-friendly synthesis, characterisation, adsorption behviour and phot-catalytic activity of some graphene oxide/metal oxide- based nano materials
23. DRI Dr. Vikas Narayan Thakur (PI), Assistant Professor Pervoskite lattice incorporation into 2D materials for improving supercapacitor performance
24. SALS Dr.Mohd Yasir Khan Bovine serum albumin (BSA) glycation induced protein aggregation inhibition by EB-saponin

Dr.Mohd Yasir Khan

25 LCD Dr. VaibhavUniyal Comprehending and inquisitioning desecration of agricultural and forest lands in dehradun in the background of right to property in India
26 LCD Dr. Shikha Uniyal Gairola Assessing mitigation potential of Neriumindicum and Euphorbia milli planted along the roadside under the influence of vehicular emission
27 UIT Dr. A.K. Aggarwal 

& Ms.Nishima  chadda

Performance optimization of conventional rapid sand filter using brick and wood powder as capping material
28 SALS Dr. Nishesh Sharma &

 Dr V K Srivastava

Assessment of inherent biofertilizer potential of rhizospheric bacteria of soil collected from Uttaranchal University campus, Dehradun
29 SALS Mr. Yogesh Kumar Awasthi Production of ready-to-eat baked products from minor millets for sustaining agricultural biodiversity and nutritional security
30 SALS Mr. Rajat Singh &


Utilization of bio-waste and natural polysaccharides for preparation of edible filler
31 SALS Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Ab-initio study of substitution doping in gallium selenide monolayer for optoelectronic application
32 SALS Dr.Sukriti Singh Evaluating the millets varieties cultivated in Uttrakhand and product development for the same
33 SoA Dr. Rajendra Prasad &

 Mr.Sunil Prakash

Cataloguing of tree species in Uttaranchal University campus and their contribution in Carbon sequestration
34 SoA Dr. Sandeep Kumar Assessment of locally available botanicals against production of Oyster mushroom
35 SoA Dr. MohsinIkram &

Dr.Avaneesh Kumar

Taxonomic study and host range of larval parasitoids of microgastrinae (Hymenoptera: braconidae) of Uttarakhand
36 SoA Mr. Sunil Prakash &

Dr. Siddharth Shankar Bhatt

Agro forestry practices in suburbs of Dehradun district
37 SoA Mr. Jayantiballabh &

Dr. Siddharth Shankar Bhatt

Efficacy of integrated nutrient management in potato under Dehradun region
38 SoA Dr. Siddharth Shankar Bhatt & Mr. Amit Bhatt Nutraceutical properties of traditional vegetable grown under Uttarakhand regions
39 UIPS Ms. Taru Saklani &

Dr. Vikash Jakhmola

Synthesis characterization and biological activities of novel metalloantibiotics
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