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Uttaranchal University (UU)  is  an  academic  Institute dedicated  to  excellence  in  teaching  and  research.   In the evolving scenario of the world today, with increasing awareness of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is needed.

Excellence  in  research  and  education,  exchange  and  dissemination  of  knowledge  are  guiding principles  of  UU.   These  activities  may  lead  to  generation  of  new  Intellectual  Property  (IP), which needs to be protected, developed, transferred and commercialized for the benefit of the society. Also, the information on the newly created and protected IP should be disseminated at the earliest so that the scientific community is not deprived of its right to knowledge and carry out further research. This can be facilitated only if the Ownership of a newly created IP is clearly defined. Clarity on Ownership of IP protects the interest of both the inventor(s) and the society at large. 

IPR cell provides the support and financial aid to file/publish/grant of intellectual property rights within the scope of University policy. It enables the primary responsibility of fostering, stimulating and encouraging creative activities in the area of science and technology in the widest sense. It provides a transparent administrative system for the ownership, control and transfer of the intellectual property created and owned by the Institute. It  shares  a perception  avoiding ‘conflict’ as far as possible.

The IPR policy favours outreach of the novel technologies developed at University. At the same time, it motivates the faculty, students and researchers  to initiate technology transfer over a novel technology.

The policy of University is intend to encourage a healthy atmosphere conducive to research and development which may result in creation of Intellectual Property. University will be applicant and employees will be inventors for IPR. In case of resignation or termination of employee, University holds the rights of the patent.

This policy applies to any kind of research which can be converted into intellectual property right. University has right to refuse or select the intellectual property of individual for registration.

Types of IPR 

The intellectual property right can be broadly listed as:

  1. Patents
  2. Copyrights
  3. Trade/Service marks
  4. Industrial designs
  5. IC layout designs
  6. New plant variety
  7. Biotechnology inventions
  8. Geographical Indications

IPR/ Patent – 250+

IPR Grant – 15+

Technology Transfer – 5+

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