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GATE 2019

School of Applied and Life Science, Uttaranchal University celebrated International Day of Rural Women on Friday, October 15, 2020 by organizing an online essay writing competition for UG and PG students. The theme of this event is “Role of women in rural development”. The main purpose behind organizing such an event, to provide a platform for the students to discuss their concern about rural women and their contribution towards societies.

The initiative of the women cell was widely supported by the students and many essays were received through mail. The students represented a deep understanding of women empowerment and its implications in the present scenario. Some of selected students like Khushboo Rathore BSc. (H) Biotech 5th sem, Meemansha Mishra MSc. Biotechnology 3rd sem, Shudha Pandey BSc. (H) Microbiology 3rd sem, Shailza BSc. (H) Biotech 5th sem Kashish Singh BSc. (H) Biotech 3rd sem, and Aakruti Pradosh BSc. (H) Biotech 3rd sem, whose meaningful thoughts were appreciated by all the organizers and committee members are remark here.

The students have presented their powerful opinion through their writings, they clearly mention the crucial role of women and girls in ensuring improving rural livelihoods and overall wellbeing in societies. Therefore, they are undoubtedly recognized as a main pillar for the sustainable development of rural area and communities.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Singh Principal (SALS) in his brief online message to the students expressed happiness over the organisation of this event by the women cell. He appreciated & motivated the students to participate in such events. He further announced the award of certificates as a gesture of recognizing the efforts of all the participants. The entire programme was hosted gracefully by Dr. Indra Rautela, coordinator of women cell (SALS).

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