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GATE 2019

Students’ club of Department of Mathematics “To ∞ and beyond” celebrated Teachers’ Day on 4th September 2021 with great enthusiasm and spirit. As said by Dr S Radhakrishnan, “True Teachers are those who help us think for ourselves”. Teachers’ Day is celebrated in the memory of Dr S Radhakrishnan.

The entire event was hosted by Esha Dogra, B Sc (H) Mathematics 3rd year student. She showed her gratitude to teachers by saying, “Teachers have the most critical influence in the life of every student”. They lay the firm foundation on which a person builds his life, they are the source of wisdom, yet we try to sum up our gratefulness, love and respect for them on this day.

Prof (Dr) Ajay Singh, Dean-SALS, gave a speech to welcome the faculty members and all the students. In the event many students of the department of Mathematics expressed their ideas and feelings towards faculty members on this occasion. They shared their unique experiences through their speeches. Students of the department of Mathematics namely Shubham Bhushan, Manali Tyagi, Ayushi Jain, Rohit Chauhan, Esha Dogra and Harshawardhan Upadhyay from 3rd year, along with Shivam Tamta, Mayank Singh and Kanika Rawat from 2nd year had conceptualized this event under the guidance of Mr Atma Nand, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics.


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