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Amid Refreshing Rainfall and in an exhilarating weather, the four student bodies of the Law College Dehradun (Moot Court Society, Legal Aid Centre, Youth Parliament Society & Debating Society) while realizing the need of legal dialogue for law students and budding advocates/judges, hosted the first session of SRIJAN which is a legal discussion forum on the topic “Ganga, Yamuna and Judicial Overreach”. The session was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna and was presided over by Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Rawat along with Mr. Kumar Ashutosh and Dr. Jitender Singh. Dr. Amit Upadhyay, Mr. K. K. Tiwari, Mr. Pramod  Tiwari and Ms. V. Bhuvneshwari were the special guests. The forum was opened by Mr. Amit Randev and had two panels one led by Mr. Faiz Khan and the other by Mr. Somujeet Basu. The forum was moderated by Mr. Karam Pratap Singh with Ms. Shivangini Sharma. This session was supervised by Mr. Shreyans Ritolia, Ms. Parijat Rathor, Ms. Swarnika Singh, Ms. Vaishnavi Mehta & Ms. Isha.

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