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Opportunity-seeking, problem-solving, persistence and adaptability, initiative, self-awareness and resilience are the “competitive skills” needed by students in order to develop capabilities which enable them to acquire an upper edge in the erratic market today; amusingly enough, these are all key entrepreneurial skills as well!

With the sacrosanct objective of honing these skills and to unleash the creative and innovative thinking among the students, an entrepreneurial/ business activity titled उSHMAAYAN was conducted by the Department of Management Studies. Students willingly grabbed the opportunity to transform their business ideas into a real business activity for the day. The activity comprised of setting kiosks dealing with different business ideas. In all eight different Kiosks were run by their respective independent teams.

The enthralling “DJ Stall” was set up by the students of B.Sc. (IT) I Year, which was a magnetic mosaic in the entire campus. Various other business kiosks were organized by a fleet of MBA and BBA students. These stalls offered a variety of sumptuous quick bites for the students along with fun-packed games thus showcasing their cookery skills as well as creating a drive in students to try their fortune. Undoubtedly, the event bestowed immense learning to the students on running businesses in an actual dynamic environment. Noticeably, the operational and managerial aspects associated with such businesses could be perceived and practiced by the students on their own. The prime objective of the activity, an experiential learning for the students fathoming the real essence of entrepreneurship that looks fascinating but involves immense hard-work and sustained efforts, was achieved.

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