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Law College Dehradun organized a debate on the recent judgment of the Madras High Court in which the honorable court declared that the couples involved in pre-marital gratification of carnal desires will in all intents and purposes, be deemed as being married. No doubt this judgment has raised many eyebrows and is being much debated.

Therefore it was only appropriate for the law students to discuss the repercussion this judgment will have on the lives of the young couples in a live-in relationship. The students discussed this issue from the legal, social, moral and the psychological perspectives.

Those who spoke in favour of the motion were very convincing in their argument that the judgment will safeguard the interest of the women and the progeny, if any resulting from this relationship. The speakers apposing the motion cited examples of men and women trapped in a life long commitment where there would be no love or respect for each other.

It was indeed very heartening to hear the mature arguments of the law students and also an eye opener to realize that the young generation has the emotional and intellectual ability to analyze and draw logical conclusions about issues as complicated as this.

The judges of the event were Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Principal of D.A.V. Inter College Dehradun, Miss Ankita Joshi Chancellor’s Representative and Dr. R Bahuguna Principal Law College.

The team consisting of Vatsala Sharma and Faiz Khan were declared the winners, Faiz Khan was also declared the best speaker. The runners-up team was of Sakshi Srivastava and Tarunika Rajesh.
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