Professor Dharam Buddhi – Vice Chancellor

“We ignite the passion in students and churn them out as a brigade of change leaders”

Uttaranchal University provides exceptionally congenial academic environ for incubation of future catalysts to outperform global benchmark. The University has carved out a niche among the comity of universities to provide a distinct platform to blossom students as diversified human assets. Embedded in the guidance of highly qualified Faculty and rooted in the pursuit of intellectual excellence, it attempts to unlock inquisitiveness for experiential learning fostering quality leadership and entrepreneurship.

We ignite the passion in students and churn them out as a brigade of change leaders. It has been observed that the gap between higher education and unemployment has been widening over the years. This points out to the challenges of functionality of output and maintaining the quality and standard in academia. The basic fabric of knowledge has to be capable of qualitative and effective capacity building as quality alone can drive the change. We have been meticulously redesigning our value delivery system through process of ongoing transformation. University not only provides a vibrant and positive ambience but state of the artLabs, well-equipped library, sports, various clubs and extracurricular facilities etc. to ensure their holistic development. We constantly update programs and course content to meet the challenge for grooming professionals and making them industry ready by equipping them with the required technical and soft skills..

We attract the best minds towards teaching and research so that our graduates are a force to reckon with in the new interconnected and borderless world of the new millennium. Our Faculty always guides and motivates the students to participate in research, scholarly and creative activities at all times.

I extend a hearty welcome to all the students to step in this temple of learning and fly on the wings of their career and fulfill their aspirations and dreams!

Professor Dharam Buddhi
Vice Chancellor


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