Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes “Portfolio King”

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes “Portfolio King”

The Finance Club of Uttaranchal Institute of Management organized an event, entitled, “Portfolio King” on 8th February, 2019. The objective of the event was to enhance students’ knowledge in the field of Finance and Portfolio Management.  It comprised of a quest with a twist of fun and adventure.

The first phase of the event was held on 2nd Feb. 2019 in which 14 teams participated in the Elimination Round. 4 teams were selected for the Final Round. The event was conceptualized and coordinated by Mr. Sakar Saxena (Head-Finance Club) along with other members of the Club (namely, Neeti Misra, Barun Srivastava, Farman Ali and Rohit Dhiman).

Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Suri, Director-UIM, inaugurated the event on 8th February, 2019 and motivated the participants to play with competitive and energetic spirit.

Four teams participated in the event, comprising of three members each and there were three rounds in the event. As the event was based on Portfolio Management, each team was given an amount of Rs 10 lacs for investment. The various investment options available for the teams were:
1. Cash
2. Fixed Deposit
3. Bonds
4. Blue Chip Stocks
5. Speculative Stocks
6. International Stocks
7. USD

Following teams participated in the event:

Team A Akshay Kumar MBA II A
Akbar Ali MBA II A
PriyaMourya MBA II A
Team B Shivangi Bali BCom (H) VI B
Nikita Gurung BCom (H) VI B
RachanaRawat BCom (H) VI B
Team C Shubham Thakur MBA II B
Ujjwal MBA II B
Shivali Singh MBA II B
Team D Akshay Sharma BCom (H) VI A
Akshay Singh Bisht BCom (H) VI A
GaganChaudhary BCom (H) VI A

The environment was filled with great enthusiasm and in this scenario of intense competition, the winner of Portfolio King was Team C, comprising of Shubham Thakur-MBA II B, Ujjwal-MBA II B and Shivali Singh-MBA II B.

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