Uttaranchal Institute of Management organizes ‘Mock Drill on Disaster Management’

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Uttaranchal Institute of Management, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University and in association with SDRF (State Disaster Response Force), Uttarakhand, organized a ‘Mock Drill on Disaster Management’ on February 21, 2018.

Mr. Sanjay Upreti, Inspector, SDRF was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The objective of the exercise was to educate and train faculty, students and staff of our Institute to manage disasters like earthquake, fire and landslide, in order to save life and property in such emergency situations.

Shri. Jitender Joshi, Hon’ble Chancellor, Uttaranchal University, formally initiated the event by felicitating the Chief Guest, Mr. Sanjay Upreti. It was followed by the ceremonial Lamp Lighting and recital of National Anthem & Kulgeet of the University. Shri Jitender Joshi highly appreciated the UIM family for organizing a highly significant drill which could turn out to be instrumental in saving numerous precious lives at the time of disaster.

In his address Prof. (Dr.) N.K. Joshi, Vice Chancellor, Uttaranchal University, stated that one should always be mentally prepared to face disasters as they are always unexpected. An individual’s courage, willingness to help and presence of mind can reduce the loss incurred. He stressed that young students must understand their responsibility during a disaster and have a proactive approach reflected through their actions.

Dr. Pradeep Suri, Director-UIM, shared his past experiences in certain adventures and emphasized that one should not lose courage in emergency situations and should tackle it with patience.

Mr. Sanjay Upreti shared his experiences of Kedarnath Tragedy and guided on how we can protect ourselves and others in such situations.

Thereupon the SDRF Team held a session on medical care of the injured. They discussed on and elaborated the associated terms like LLF (Look, Listen, Feel), ABC (Air Breathing and Circulation), MFR(Medical First Responder), CSSR(Collapse Structure and Search Rescue) and CPR( Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation).

Mr. Virendra Kala, Sub Inspector- SDRF, gave a demonstration of various disaster management equipments including various kinds of Romanian Ropes (with breaking capacity ranging from 100 kg to 1800 kg), Ascenders and Descenders (with breaking capacity of 500 kg to 2800 kg respectively), Rope Launchers, Bouldercutter, Pulleys (of different sizes), Seat Belts, Helmets, Lights, Whistles, Mikes, Gloves etc. These were displayed in an exhibition organized by them.

In the concluding session a 40-member SDRF team conducted a mock drill on First Aid, Casualty Rescue Operation & Urban Search & Rescue Techniques and trained the students on fighting natural disasters. Our students enthusiastically participated in all the activities involved.

Prof. D.S. Choubey (Dean-Research & Studies), Dr. V.K. Srivastava (NSS Co-ordinator-Uttaranchal University, Dr. SM. Mariyam Fatima (Head-Department of Management), Dr. Sonal Sharma (Head-Department of Computer Application),Mr. Rakesh Semwal (NSS Co-ordinator-UIM), Mr. Nitin Duklan (Assistant Professor), Mr. Ravindra Singh Rawat (Cultural & Academic In-charge) along with all the faculty and staff members of UIM were present on the occasion.Mr. Shivendra Choudhary was the master of ceremony.

The drill concluded with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Prof. (Dr.) PradeepSuri.

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