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Department of Mathematics, School of Applied and Life Sciences, organized a one-day Seminar on “Mind, Meditation & Mathematics” on 22th November, 2019. The purpose of this seminar was to explore the mind through the discipline of yoga and meditation and their relationship to mathematical techniques.

The event proceeded with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by Hon’ble Chancellor Shri Jitender Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) N.K. Joshi, Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Singh (Principal, SALS), Dr. V.K. Srivastava, resource persons and the guest speakers.

Dr. V.K. Srivastava (Head, Department of Mathematics) welcomed the dignitaries including Dr. Tarun Kumar Gupta (Assistant Professor, Chaman Lal Degree College Roorkee, Haridwar), Dr. P.K. Sharma (Associate Professor, DAV PG College, Dehradun) and introduced the guests to the students. Dr. Vikas Kumar (Seminar Organizing secretary) emphasized upon the importance of conducting such events for the students. He explained that the purpose of the event was to provide the knowledge about the mind, meditation and mathematics.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Singh (Principal, SALS) motivated the students and advised them to explore benefits of the yoga and meditation, especially improve the techniques to understand the mathematics. He also encouraged the students to participate actively in such activities. About 112 students participated in this seminar.

Experts initiated presentations with the mathematics behind yoga and meditation. They imparted the working knowledge to do meditation. He also elaborated on the functions of working mind and techniques to improve concentration to understand Mathematics. They explain that your brain is a trainable ‘muscle’ that needs daily exercise. Around for millennia, more and more neuroscientific research points to meditation as being the very best brain exercise for learning. By flexing your cerebral cortex every day in meditation, your ability to absorb & understand new information, adapt to any situation, and personally grow in all directions becomes limitless — no matter your age.

If you are a student, meditation for learning is essential to better grades — from paying focused attention during lecture, to having an overall anxiety-free student experience, to increased concentration for amplified study skills. Maybe you work full time and are required to learn a new software system, program in a new language, or take an advanced certification test; meditation will magnify results no matter your life stage.

There really are a limitless number of reasons meditation helps learning that has been discussed in this seminar.

The seminar was a great success with active support of Dr. M.K. Sharma, Dr. Mohit Kumar, Dr. Shalu Chaudhary, Dr. N.S. Chauhan and Mr. Atma Nand.

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