School of Liberal Arts organizes an International Lecture on “Communication in Fluency Enhancement”

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“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” -James Humes

Skilful communication is one of the most crucial attributes that is indispensable in the modern age. The art of communication bridges the gap between a plethora of ethnical and cultural boundaries and weaves the entire human race into a single thread by assisting to express and comprehend the thoughts.

An interactive session was organized by the School of Liberal Arts in collaboration with Mount Kenya University, Kenya on 27th November, 2020 which was convened by Prof. (Dr.) Shriya Goyal, Dean – School of liberal Arts. The aim was to elucidate the importance of communication skills

The invited Key Speaker of the Lecture was Dr. Vincent Gaitho, Pro-Chancellor, Mount Kenya University. He elaborated on the theme “Communication in Fluency Enhancement”. The International Lecture was much awaited by both the organizers and the target audience. Another eminent guest of the event included Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kunwar from Mount Kenya University. His coordination played a substantial role leading to the organization of this international event.

The event initiated with a Welcome Note delivered by Dr. Seema Gupta wherein she heartily extended a warm welcome towards the Keynote Speaker, eminent guests and the attendees of the lecture.
This was followed by a heart-warming speech delivered by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, Prof. (Dr.) Devendra Pathak. His words of wisdom set forth the event with the required focus and orientation.

The Expert Lecture initiated with the enriching words of Dr. Vincent who highlighted the significance and the eminence of propitious communication skills. Setting the instances from the developing technological advancements and their contribution in bridging the communication gap among various national, cultural & ethnical boundaries, he stated the methodology to unlock the potential and sustain the language of diverse communities to express the thoughts concluding that communication is essential. He also elaborated on the prominence of languages and their vivid purpose to serve as an aid to express and comprehend feelings and emotions. The importance of English as a language of international community was also marked during the speech. The key aspects of the speech included the focus on the preservation of the native languages and their constant praise among the generations. Several other enriching facts and figures were discussed upon by him and the students and the teachers took keen interest in the same. The speaker with his interaction and effective communication set up a delightful and comfortable ambience for the virtual attendees that united all of them despite the long distance. He concluded his speech by delivering warm regards to the faculty concerned to have successfully organized the event on a virtual platform.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks that was gracefully extended by the Dean – School of Liberal Arts, Prof. (Dr.) Shriya Goyal. The grace of almighty who bestowed his blessings for the graceful flow of event was stated foremost. She offered gratitude to the organizers of the fruitful event. The contribution of Dr. Pramod was appreciated & thanked, with whose collaboration the entire event was organized and conducted making it a grand success. Gratitude was also put forth towards the Organizer of the event Dr. Seema Gupta and the Coordinator of the event Dr. Reeta Rautela for their constant dedication and hard-work for compiling the elements of the event. Last, but not the least, she extended her gratitude towards Dr. Pinki Chugh, Dr. Ashima Saxena, Mr. Komil Kumar, Ms. Anamika Thapa along with all the student participants for their valued participation.

The entire event was very productive and enlightening for every participant of the event. The guests, faculty and the students stayed glued to the event and looked forward for many such fruitful and enriching events in the upcoming future. The healthy collaboration between the universities of the two nations made everyone hopeful of a productive ambience of opportunities for the students.

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