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“…For the dawn of each poet, each philosopher and king,
Begins with a Teacher, and the wisdom that they bring.”
-Kevin William Huff

The presence of a teacher in a student’s life is undeniable and most essential one to be praised. “Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.” Therefore, to celebrate the priceless and worthy presence of the teachers, and to praise their efforts, School of Liberal Arts organized an online virtual event to celebrate Teacher’s Day on the 5th of September, 2020.

The entire show was packed with numerous performances that were dedicated heartily for the teachers. The programme commenced with a Welcome Speech by Ashi Singh who heartily welcomed the guests of the event. The entire programme was hosted by Samridhdi Kandpal. The students of Liberal Arts felt highly overwhelmed to present a short digital surprise for all the teachers. It was just a small note of gratitude, compiled in a video and a collage, to their teachers’ constant hard-work, motivations and all the tribulations they go through to make the education wiser and lives easier. On the auspicious occasion, everyone presented forth a heartily welcome to the newly recruited teaching faculties.
The programme proceeded with a piece of self-written poetry by Pawan Singh Rawat who eulogised the priceless efforts of the teachers. Everyone enjoyed the piece of poem that was composed by him. After the poetry, to take a sip of a euphonious melody, Rati presented forth her guitar skills and played an amazing and overwhelming melody for the guests of the day. It really made everyone feel alive and refreshed in the moment. Muskan Kaur was the next performer of the day, who sung an amazing piece of poetry cum song. The expressions were really heart-warming and indeed an amazing tribute for the teachers. Another euphonious track was sung by Sayantani Majumdar, and it was hence, once again proved that music unites all the souls and makes everyone feel contented. The performances were so enchanting that everyone sat glued to the whole event. Sanskriti Paul and Akul came up with a game for the teachers. It was one of the finest sources of amusement for the teaching faculties where they had to guess the pictures and certain cultures of India.

The program concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Yamini Chaudhary for all teachers under whose guidance and motivation, the students promised that they shall surely give amazing performances and results in the coming future.

The teachers too came up for the deliverance of the event’s organization and motivate the students of SLA. Dean-SLA Prof. (Dr.) Shriya Goyal praised the efforts of the students and the other faculties too enjoyed and relished the entire event.

Ayesha Thapa wrapped up the whole event by thanking all the teachers for their valuable presence, support of the Organising Committee and Club Heads of SLA. The entire event was a great success.

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