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The event ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ began with the Hon. Prime Minister’s visit to the exhibition gallery, where students from various schools displayed their innovative ideas through models and artifacts. All the students of the School of Liberal Arts along with the members of the faculty including Dr Shravan Kumar, Dean SLA,  Dr Reeta Rautela, Dr Anubhuti Dhyani, Ms Shilpi, Mr Jageshwar, Ms Shikha and  Ms Vidhi, attended the event through online mode. Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 seems to be more significant in terms of board examinations being held in offline mode again in India in the wake of the country’s COVID-19 cases being reduced.

The Prime Minister of India spoke with students, teachers, and parents from around the nation throughout the event, providing his useful recommendations for stress-free and enjoyable board and entrance exam preparation. Memory power, the importance of technology in student life, depression, the best use of leisure time, attention, time management, reaching goals, and choosing the proper job were among the subjects he discussed. The students of Liberal Arts patiently listened to the insightful talk of PM Modi as they have also dealt with the same issues. As University will also organize the examinations through offline mode, thus the session seems to be significant for the students in order to help them manage their examination fear. “Students should analyze themselves while studying online, whether they genuinely study or spend time watching social media,” PM Modi said, referring to how students have dealt with online classes and exam stress in the last two years. He explained how, in both online and offline lectures, students are physically present in the classroom but their brains are preoccupied with something else.

The students of Liberal Arts get motivated by understanding the concept that it’s not about the mode of learning which is disturbing but rather the state of mind. PM Narendra Modi said in a message to parents and teachers, “Parents should understand that every child is blessed with something extraordinary that parents and teachers fail to discover a lot of times.” He requested the parents not to overburden their children with a lot of expectations rather should help them find their area of interest and provide them the environment in which they can flourish at their best. All the students of Liberal Arts and especially the final year ones welcomed the recommendations open heartedly as they are currently preparing for their entrance examinations. The students enthusiastically agreed to work smartly in their area of interest in order to find the excellence within them.

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