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“Speech is Power: Speech is to Persuade, to Convert, to Compel.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speaking Skills are one of the most crucial forms of versatilities that makes an individual stand out of the crowd by expressing the best of the thoughts and notions. They add to the credibility of the individual in every aspect of life. Hence, it is implausible to deny the significance of the speaking skills to ensure that every budding orator gets meticulous with those skills, through a platform that provides her/him with the opportunity to express.

Hence, the Literary Club of the School of Liberal Arts endeavoured to take a step forth to organise an interactive session with the fresh new faces, i.e. the junior batch, to bridge the communication gap in this pandemic, by executing the event on a virtual platform. The session of JAM (Just A Minute), namely “Minute Matrix” was organised to have a peek on the oratory skills of the new batch on 29 September, 2020. The participants included the members of the Literary Club, who enthusiastically participated for the same and brought out the best of their narration skills on the designated topics.

The event commenced with a welcome speech by Anjali Negi (B.A. English Honours, 2nd year), who warmly welcomed all the virtual attendees and gave the event a delightful start. The programme further proceeded with the introduction to the rules and regulations of the session by Sayantani Majumdar (B.A. English Honours, 2nd year). The participants were thus, grouped alphabetically and were acquainted with the topics.Ayesha Thapa (B.A. Psychology Honours, 2nd year) introduced the participants sequentially and the session went through with a steady flow. After all the participants were done with their oration, a vote of thanks was delivered by Samridhdi Kandpal (B.A. English Honours, 2nd year). A heartful of gratitude was presented to the teaching faculties, activity coordinator, participants, anchors and the other attendees of the session. The programme thus, concluded gracefully with the benign presence of everyone. The support of the Organizing Committee, The Literary Club, and the other members of the clubs was praised.

Ms. Reeta Rautela (Event coordinator) appreciated the efforts that were entirely made by the students. Dr. Seema Gupta (Faculty SLA) motivated the students by her motivational words. The teachers and the students relished the entire event and put forth their wish to participate and enjoy other such insightful events in the coming future too.

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