‘Management of a Service Organization’ a prototype of restaurants created in UIM

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A workshop on ‘Management of a Service Organization’ was held in Uttaranchal Institute of Management. The students created two prototype restaurants to demonstrate the skills of service organization.

It was workshop–cum-inter-class competition between the students of BBA IV sections A and B. The students of each section created a  restaurant in their respective classrooms, complete with the paraphernalia of a real life restaurant. BBA, section A designed their restaurant on the theme of Indian cuisine and named it as “ZAIKA OF INDIA”. BBA section B students selected Chinese cuisine theme and named their restaurant CHINA TOWN. Each restaurant created ambience suitable to the theme and embellished it with the students giving ‘live performance’ of singing, to create a real restaurant feel.

The presentation was excellently executed, displaying time management and service quality. The Chancellor Mr. Jitendra Joshi, Vice Chancellor Prof. S.C. Joshi, Mr. Abhishek Joshi, Director UIM,  Prof (Dr) Pradeep Suri visited the workshop and appreciated the concept which was unique in itself. The Chancellor congratulated the  students on their excellent presentation.

The whole event was conceived and coordinated by Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, Asst. Professor UIM.

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