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Law College Dehradun regularly organizes REAP sessions to provide the law students with practical knowledge in their respective fields under the aegis of Moot Court Society.  Members of the Moot Court Society along with the faculty in charge of law, organized the third and final training session of REAP 2021 on 31st August, followed by the oral pleading rounds on 8th and 9th September 2021. The training initiative was organized to enhance the practical knowledge of mooting and oral pleadings among the students of law. The commencement of the event witnessed a mock session organized by the moot court society, hosted by Ms Gargee Mishra and moderated by Mr Krishna Rastogi. The participants for the day were divided into groups of 2, where the defense was represented by Mr Shivansh Agrawal and Mr Kumar Amogh, where else the respondent side was represented by Mr Akash Sharma and Ms Ritu Bhandari. The judge for the day was the Vice – president, Ms Shreyanshi Tripathi. At the end of the mock session, Ms Gargee Mishra briefed the participants about REAP 2021 and the deadline for memorial submission. After the subsequent training session, the society organized the oral pleading sessions, adjudicated by the following members –

Apatim Mishra, Krishna Rastogi, Aditi Bansal, Gargee Mishra, Ritu Bhandari, Vastavikta Bhardwaj, Shivansh Agrawal and Shaktija Singh Baghel.

The students showed exemplary enthusiasm while pleading and carrying out the debate with a healthy sense of competition. The learning process was an enriching experience for all the participants. During the sessions, the judges questioned the participants on various law points and gave much-needed feedback, lastly achieving the ultimate goal of training the students about the activity of mooting and pleading.

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