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Law College Dehradun, Faculty of Uttaranchal University organized the fourth edition of National Model United Nations LCDMUN 4.0 and had a fabulous opening on 23 April 2022 in which the chief guest was Mrs Ritu Khanduri Bhushan, 6th speaker and 1st woman speaker of Uttarakhand legislative assembly. The event began with the felicitation of the guest by the hon’ble Chancellor Shri. Jitender Joshi followed by the lighting of the lamp.

At the outset, Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna, Pro Vice-Chancellor& Dean of Law College Dehradun gave a warm welcome to the gathering and threw light on the tradition of the National Youth Parliament and its impact on the young lawyers. This was followed by the address of Vice-Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Dharam Buddhi, who extended his appreciation to the team YPS of Law College, for their unquenching enthusiasm in organizing such tremendous events which call for lot of teamwork and persistence.

The chief guest in her address being a proficient speaker left the hall in awe of her inspiring journey to being the first woman speaker, she also vividly mentioned how being a teacher for many years shaped her personality and moreover, and she learned a ton from her students, her bright and fierce aura left the Swami Vivekananda hall mesmerized. Following this, the event was declared open by the secretary-general miss Saakshi Suneja (President) Youth Parliament Society.

Traditionally, the national event (LCDMUN) stretches to 2 days in which the committees discuss the agendas thoroughly, in-depth and with great zeal to come up with amicable solutions to the problems that are being faced in the name of various institutions and standing up to the tradition; the LCDMUN 4.0stretched for a total of 2days, 23 and24 of April 2022 respectively.

Over 150 participants from across the span of our country participated in this event and helped in making this event a success.

This event hosted 5 committees namely:

1  United Nations General Assembly (Unga)

2  United Nations Security Council (Unsc)

3  All India Political Party Meet (Aippm)

4  Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly (Ukla)

5  International/Indian Press

The event had four sessions for all the committees and the agendas being:

 United Nations General Assembly: Decoding the Pegasus disruption in the state of art cyber warfare arsenal: A global technological affront.

United Nations Security Council: Rethinking the role-playing by UNSC in efficaciously addressing precipitating global crisis in the face of Afghanistan and Ukrainian cul de sac.

All India Political Party’s Meet: Deliberation on Genocides and their effect on the citizens of the nation vis-à-vis the Need for Rehabilitation Policy for Kashmiri Pandits.

 State Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand: Preserving the spirit of Uttrakhandiyat: The emergent need of Bhoo Kanoon in the teeth of Population displacement.

International/Indian Press:



All the four sessions which followed for two days resulted in intense discussion on the given agendas and the executive board was rather dumbstruck at the talent they were facing, and had a tough time in choosing the winner.

The valedictory ceremony was chaired by our guest of honor, Director, Student Affairs and IT services of Uttaranchal University, Dr Abhishek Joshi followed by the address of Dean Law College Dehradun and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Uttaranchal University (Prof) Dr Rajesh Bahuguna. Eventually, the results were declared by the Executive Board Members of each of the committees.


UNGA: Best Delegate: Israel

              High Commendation: USA

              Special Mention: India

                Rising UU Munner: Ukraine

             Honorable Mention: United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland

UNSC: Best Delegate: Russian Federation

             High Commendation: Ukraine

             Special Mention: France

             Rising UU Munner: Brazil

            Verbal Mention: UAE

AIPPM: Best Delegate: Bhagwant Mann

1st High Commendation: Arvind Kejriwal

2nd High Commendation: Narendra Modi

1st Special Mention: S. Jaishankar

2nd Special Mention: ManojJha

3rd Special Mention: Dharmendra Pradhan 4th Special Mention: Amit Shah

5th Special Mention: Ravi Shankar Prasad

6thSpecial Mention: M.K. Stalin

Rising UU Munner: Anupriya Patel

1st Hon’ble Mention: J Sai Deepak

2nd Hon’ble Mention: Virendra Kumar

3rd Hon’ble Mention: Sonia Gandhi

4th Hon’ble Mention: Manoj Sinha

5th Hon’ble Mention: Sachin Pilot

6th Hon’ble Mention: Jamyang

7th Hon’ble Mention: Mehbooba Mufti

8th Hon’ble Mention: Prabhuram Chaudhari

9th Hon’ble Mention: T Raja Singh

10th Hon’ble Mention: P. Chidambaram

11th Hon’ble Mention: Chirag Paswan

12th Hon’ble Mention: Rajnath Singh

UKLA: Best Delegate: SarwatKareen Ansari

High Commendation: Pushkar Singh Dhami

Special Mention: Pritam Singh

Rising UU Munner: Rahendra Bhandari

Honourable Mention: Umesh Kumar

Verbal Mention: Harish Chand Dhami

Verbal Mention(2): Manoj Tiwari


Best photographer: Kartikey Kumar Gautam   Best reporter: Lisha Angral.

BEST DELEGATION: DIS Riverside campus

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