Development of Skills to Assure Professional Growth in Pharmacy on 22nd February 2022

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The Webinar on the topic“Development of Skills to Assure Professional Growth in Pharmacy” on 22nd February 2022 from 2:00 PM onwards.The Webinar was started with opening remarks from Prof. (Dr.) Vikash Jakhmola, Dean, UIPS.In this Introductory session he said that One of the more important facets of maintaining and advancing your career trajectory is professional development. Once considered solely about acquiring continuing education, professional development is now widely understood to be a much broader concept.On the occasion Mr. Sanjeeb Samaladdress the seminar as an eminent speaker. He is Head, HR (Corporate) in Heritage Group, Hyderabad, Telangana. He is continuously involved in Recruitment, Training & Development, Employee Relationship Management, Performance Appraisals and Project Coordination.In his talk he said that Pharmacy skills are the prerequisite abilities employers need before they hire you. Through practical pharmacy skills, you can carry out a pharmacist’s duties productively. These skills also enable you to maximize your potential. Job advertisements require you to have different sets of skills, depending on the job specifications. Pharmacists must be knowledgeable and in possession of all the required skills.Several skills are necessary for your career advancement in pharmacy. He also said that Pharmacist skills can be acquired through learning and constant practice, while others are natural. There is a demand for different skills based on the type of pharmacist you are. Below is a list of skills necessary to facilitate your career and personal growth in this field. Further Sir emphasizes on skills like Pharmacists should exhibit high levels of accuracy in their daily tasks, The qualified pharmacist must possess quality communication skills, Pharmacists prioritize managerial skills and The ability to multitask is a strong skill that interests employers.

The session was ended with the questions and answers. The interactive session was coordinated by Dr.Amit Semwal, Associate Professor,Dr. Ankit Sharma, Assistant Professor and vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Tarun Parashar, Associate Professor UIPS. The webinar was attended by more than 200 attendees including faculties and students.

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